About Competent Provider

Competent Provider by NurseCompetency (a HealthStream Company) is a service that allows employers of healthcare workers to purchase exams without the need for a monthly subscription; either one at a time or in bundles of up to 100 exams.

With hundreds of valid and reliable exam titles to choose from, we make it easy for employers to carry out pre-hire testing or annual evaluation of clinical staff a breeze. If you are hiring less than two-three clinicians a month, then Competent Provider is the ideal solution for staff assessment and on-going education. If you are hiring more than three clinicians each month, then a NurseCompetency monthly subscription is going to be the most cost-effective solution.

Focused on the People Providing Healthcare

HealthStream acquired NurseCompetency (Nursing Registry Consulting Corporation) in July 2016. This acquisition supports HealthStream’s overall healthcare workforce development solution strategy by adding comprehensive nurse assessments that target clinical knowledge and skill level.

HealthStream is dedicated to improving patient outcomes through the development of healthcare organizations' greatest asset: their people. Our solutions are contracted by, collectively, approximately 4.5 million healthcare employees in the U.S. for workforce development, training & learning management, talent management, credentialing, privileging, provider enrollment, performance assessment, and managing simulation based education programs. Our research solutions provide valuable insight to healthcare providers to meet CAHPS requirements, improve the patient experience, engage their workforce, and enhance physician alignment. We are committed to solving big problems in healthcare. From hospitals to long term care, and across the care continuum, there are challenges stemming from demographic changes, governmental mandates, and the need for higher care quality. HealthStream helps organizations strengthen the revenue cycle, improve care transitions, increase retention, reduce risk, plan for leadership succession, be more compliant, and understand their opportunities for improvement, to name just a few of the ways we help care providers. What unites us is our philosophy that “every patient deserves the best possible workforce.”